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tv   Today  NBC  May 23, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television it's a drizzly booze day tuesday, everybody. but we don't care. we're inside our studio and we're safe and dry and look who isn't? >> if you peek outside -- there is a big party that's happening at "dateline." these guys -- josh, chris, dennis and keith -- are the top correspondents at "dateline." they won emmys and duponts and
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murrows -- it's a party outside. they're going to come on in out of the rain. >> and we'll wish them well. we just can't stay out of trouble. >> you guys remember the song "call me maybe," and we had our own sort of dance version to it with the legs stuck up in the air. let's just relive the spanx moment again for a second. ♪ >> that wasn't easy. >> still cracks me up. >> if you have long heavy legs it is hard for them not to do that. so last night, as you guys know, jay leno decided to have a little fun with that exact same song so here is leno's version.
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>> you know what's interesting? now everyone -- you see who -- i was stunned at these two people did it. take a look. ♪ >> genius! >> as if they don't have anything else to do. front page of the papers today, you guys -- some funny headlines. this one says rack and ruin. exactly what i said. so this young lady is working at a lingerie store and she claims that the owners -- the managers and stuff say that she was way too voluptuous and sexy to be
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working dressed as she was in her store. >> provocatively because they are of an orthodox faith. >> so she took exception to that and they told her apparently to put on a big red bath robe and walk around and she didn't like so in this paper, one of the papers, she took a picture of herself in a red bath robe. >> is she suing them for dismissal? her lawyer, gloria allred has filed a gender and religious discrimination complaint eeoc in new york. >> what do you make of this young lady? >> it's kind of funny. it's happening all the stuff, around the time "maxim" comes out with its most beautiful women in the world. they picked a beautiful israeli model. i don't think anybody's going to question who comes in first, second, third or even tenth on that list. right? but then when other people, shall we say, stand up and make
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accusations that they're so hot that they -- nobody can just bear their hotness? it's just -- there are others that have been doing it recently. we think it's a trend and a disturbing one. >> the tan mom? remember her? she thinks this. let's look. >> there's somebody out there my whole life that doesn't like me because they're jealous, they're fat and they're ugly. >> well! there you have that. >> and then back in april, remember british writer samantha brick wrote this essay a that started this whole thing in "the daily mail" about how other women hate her because she is so attractive. >> "women hate me for no reason other than my lovely looks. throughout my lifetime i've had bottles of bubbles sent to my restaurant or table by men i don't know. the donors say it is my pleasing appearance and pretty smile make their day. people are unbelievable! >> then in 2010 a citibank
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worker, this woman said she was fired for being too sexy! she's currently fighting her former lawyer, gloria allred -- >> that gloria is a busy woman. i'm glad to see that the system is working. it's just incredible people have the moxie to say such a thing. angelina jolie, among the world's most beautiful, would you never catch her saying that. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. i've always told you this. >> speaking of hotness. you had a fun lunch yesterday. >> yesterday frank and i went to the greenwich hyatt connecticut that the national multiple sclerosis society of connecticut -- the chapter put on to honor our dear friend meredith and her amazing husband, richard.
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who has been suffering with ms since he was 25 years old. and the two of them were honored and the two of them spoke. so many of these luncheons and these dinners an things that you go to, they're just sort of cold. you know? you raise money for a good cause and you're gone. this was so moving on so many levels. number one, they're both great speakers. number two, to see the dynamic between the two of them and to see the love that they have for one another was just authentic but then so see how raw they both are about everything and how honest -- really just honest. there wasn't a dry eye in the house. it was just sensational. >> richard wrote a great book called "stronger in the broken places." i think a lot of people who have been through a life threatening illness or something that's been really debilitating, he did figure out how to get strong in those spots. she is just so raunchy and funny. >> i can't tell you half the things she said. but the thing about richard -- i didn't know how funny he is,
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too. he's talking about all of this. he goes my next book's called "i'm going to kill the dog," because he hates their new dog jasper. >> he hates jasper? >> hates him. wants to kill him. he won't kill him, of course. it's just that he can find no redeeming qualities in this dog. little later in the show we have jimmy fallon. >> why? why is he coming to bother us? >> it's called "thank you notes 1." >> i didn't like "thank you notes 1," why are we having him on again? he has a new cd coming out. the man -- i mean why? >> we all remember him from slow jamming with president obama. >> i don't. >> well watch it and you'll remember. >> so important to keep down costs so we keep college affordable. >> and the president knows his stuff, y'all. that's why call him the potus which means person on top -- what is it?
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>> jimmy, potus stands for president of the united states. ♪ he's the potus with the mostest ♪ >> he does have one or two redeeming qualities. only in new york, and perhaps jimmy can tell us if he's going to buy this. he's the one that makes big bucks late night. there is going to be a million dollar parking space. it's hard to believe. if you're willing to buy a $39 million penthouse, you can then have the privilege of buying for -- probably going for more than a million dollars. the person buying that penthouse gets first crack at that. >> it's 12 feet by 23 feet. that's how much space you are getting and are you paying a million dollars for it. >> but think about it you could amortize it because it's high enough to put one of those rising ones and put your sports
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car on top of that. >> can you imagine spending $1 million to park your car in a spot? >> there will be an auction for this thing. we're burying the lead because it is "dateline's" 20th anniversary. all right. and we have the four hot shots of "dateline" nbc in the house. they're right behind the news desk boozing it up. josh mankiewicz, chris hansen famous for "predator," dennis murphy, one of the finest writers in the building. keith morrison, no one delivers a line like keith. >> you have no idea, keith, when you're talking, what it does to hoda. i am sorry but she's -- how can i say it? >> don't say it. >> it has something to do with her spanx. it just gets crazy. >> hoda, you're with the band. come on over here. >> come over here. >> they've got their drinks over. >> bring your drinks, come on over. >> miss bossy pants! >> while they're walking over,
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we'll show "snl" having some fun with keith. >> i met martha and beautiful should have sarcastic quotes around it. martha, you're an unattractive woman. why would man kill for you? >> i told diego if he was a real man, he would get an axe. and chop up my husband. >> oh, no! >> you guys, what's in store for the big anniversary special? >> chopping up a husband! >> oh, say some more. >> keith, say the word -- murder. >> chris, all your "predator" stuff? are we going to see -- >> we're going to see best-of and some other confrontations we've had on other topics over the years. >> can you imagine when chris walks in the room? like when mike wallace used to do 60 minutes, you don't want him showing up at the door. >> i one time walked into a jewelry store to get a gift for the last minute.
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the guy started sweating. he's like, do you have a hidden camera? i'm just like, no, man, i'm just trying to get a gift here. >> murphy, you are -- >> you guys, cheers. happy birthday. >> it airs tonight, what time, everybody? >> 10:00 p.m. cheers, guys. >> all the best pore 20 years of great work. coming up next, you guys, our good friend jimmy fallon is in the house. >> he used to be a good friend. we're going to find out what he's so thankful about right after this.
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is anyone's hot right now, sit late night xhedian jimmy fallon. >> how about slow jamming the news with her husband, president
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obama. jimmy fallon, jimmy fallon, has so many amazing experiences. you know what? he's very thankful. >> he should be! >> what is your problem? >> this is the best show on tv. besides late night. you guys are having so much fun because you're so -- first of all, are you on the hot list this year? because you should be. you should both be on the hot list this year. you guys look gorgeous this morning. >> you're sweet. >> right at twitter? people out there? am i wrong? >> groveling does not -- you do not have to -- >> what is your problem? >> you know what i love? i love those commercials with the little girl. i love her. i don't want her to grow up. because she's going to become like the e-trade baby. pretty soon it is not going to be cute. >> i was thinking maybe you just have the older she gets now she can talk she still says she doesn't want it. she steals the whole commercial.
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she does. you're supposed to say no. whatever. >> a question about president obama on your show. when you approached the whole idea and you said, hey, we want to slow jam the news. we'd like to you get in there. what was his immediate first reaction to it? >> they came to us. they came to us because i did the dodge ball segment with the first lady. >> oh, that came first. >> that came first, then they asked us, jimmy, the president has a new initiative. he doesn't want to raise taxes on student loans. he's going to a college. does jimmy want to come out and do a sketch? i was like do you want to talk? they go we'll call you back. they're like i think he wants do it but don't say anything. if you say something you're going to screw up the whole thing. so i go all right. the code word was bieber. like is bieber happening? is bieber happening? couldn't say -- what it really was. it's just as big. so we said, is bieber happening? so then we went and we pitched slow jam and they had a few
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notes. he won't be that racy. when we usually have brian williams do slow jam. at the end brian williams goes oh, yeah. so president obama, i asked him do it and he goes -- oh yeah. >> and you suggested -- >> i go, you know what, at the end if you really want -- >> he cut me off. he goes i'm not going to do it. he knew i was going to -- >> didn't he throw the mike down? >> he dropped is like eminem in the movie "8-mile." >> i go i didn't know you were going to do that. he goes a little improvisation. >> how does it feel to be so hot? >> there's no "ch" in hot. we're having a good year. i can't even believe all the good stuff that's happening to us. we have -- we have a great crew over there, great writers, great staff. >> they treat you great when you come over there, too. >> we love when you guys come by. come by any time you want to! we love when you come by.
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>> let's talk about your dvd, the pants blowing off the pants one. what is that one? >> it's a new cd and it's ridiculous. >> no, it's not. >> it is called "blow your plants off." there's a gentleman laying there having his red wine trying to enjoy the music that comes with this purchase. by chance his pants are just completely blown off his body. >> that's all your music that you've done in the show. right? >> yeah. we have duets, bruce springsteen, paul mccartney, justin timberlake -- >> give us -- >> that is rude. hoser is not your name. it's hoda. i know for a fact. >> what're her middle name? >> hoda kotb. >> what's the middle name? >> i don't have a middle name.
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>> hoda jane. get over here right now, missy! >> it's hoda woman. >> that's right. it is hoda woman. >> you have to write us some thank-you notes. shall we cue some music for you? >> yes. >> another lame idea. ♪ >> this book plays music. the next one i wanted to press a button and it just reads the book to you. so you don't even have to read. here you go, i'll read some thank you notes for you. thank you, stuffing, for having the cutest name of any food ever. no offense, pickles. thank you, fingerless gloves, for providing me with all the warmth of a mitten and all the stylishness of dickensian street urchin. thank you, bottle of red, bottle of white, for being lyrics to my
2:24 am
favorite billy joel song, as well as what kathie lee and hoda had for breakfast this morning. >> we adore you. we're so happy. >> it's ridiculous that you're not on the hot list. that is stupid. i'm boycotting the magazine. >> you know what's so amazing? we love it when somebody so talented is getting so much success and is actually a wonderful human being. we love you, doll baby. >> best show on tv. we just keep saying how much we love each other. yeah. next up, sara takes a whack at a -- >> takes a what? >> takes a whack. next, what is on your man's mind? our man panel is going to tell us. >> who cares? right after this. we love theme parks but with four kids, it can just be too expensive. yeah, so to save money we just made our own. oh no! what could be worse than ninety-foot swells?!
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is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day, gummies for grown-ups.
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it is time to regroup with our "guys tell all" panel who have gathered together to answer all those burning questions you have about your man. first up, the signature single guy, author of "the man code, the woman's guide to cracking the tough guy." >> next, the very talented and funny, chuck nice who's been married 14 years and has two children and he can be found at the philadelphia -- what? >> i love having put "i can be found" like i'm lost and i can be found. i'm performing. >> next up, comedian and actor rick younger who's married with a toddler son -- and his mom's here! last, but not least, a very single, very cute ryan sirhand from million dollar listing new york on our sister network, bravo. >> we only have a couple minutes in this segment, kids. our first question is live from sara. >> i'm here with brittany from canada and she has a question about co-habitation. >> hey, guys.
2:30 am
i wand wondering what advice for a couple you have that's just moving in together. >> oh, man! you know what? i would say that the first thing you need to do is establish whatever boundaries you are going to have, just like a regular roommate. doesn't make a difference that you guys are romantic. believe me. if he is a slob, you are going to hate him. >> also, if there's an expectation of this relationship moving forward into marriage, think you should probably put a timeline on how long the co-habitation will exist. >> even before it starts, like a pre-nup? >> i'm just saying. >> this is really good advice for these guys. >> you could wind up living together for a long time. >> i think bathroom rules. lay down the bathroom rules. who uses what soap, because that's the quickest way to ruin a relationship. >> and closet space. >> exactly. we have a facebook post from tiffany. what is the easiest way to tell a man that you have feelings for him if you're not sure how he feels?
2:31 am
>> give it some time. wait a little bit. give him some time. let him figure it out. you should be the one to tell him that. there should be like a feeling before you tell somebody you love them. you should know. >> just because have you feelings for them, it is kind of like maybe opening the door. >> does a guy want to hear that? >> i think women give us too much credit. we are a lot dumber than you think. >> i don't know if that's the truth. >> remember who you're talking to here. >> we're going to take a commercial because we have to. and we're going to have more of our guys tell all panel after your local news and weather.
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we're back on this booze day tuesday with our "guys tell all" panel giving you all the information you need to know about how your guy thinks. >> our resident guys are the single david good, the married
2:34 am
chuck nice, and ryan sirhan. >> i'm here with colby from washington. >> in a relationship what's the number one thing that really irritates you? >> pet peeves. >> wow. >> gold diggers. >> me! >> talking too much. >> overthinking. >> that's a good one. here's a facebook post. i always hear that a guy will pay for a first date but how do i offer so he doesn't think i'm assuming he'll pay and when should we start splitting the bill? >> always offer. always offer. but if he lets you pay, then get out. >> if he asks you out, then he shall be expected to pay. but if you want to make the gesture, make the gesture. if he doesn't stop you, then that means you all at least going dutch. >> i have a daughter. here's what i am telling you. you do not pay for anything.
2:35 am
don't you come -- don't even make the move to your pocketbook! if that little street urchin can't go in his pocket for you you got the wrong man and that's the end of it. >> i agree. >> is he right? >> sort of. but that hurts my wallet a little bit. >> i'm speaking up for the single guys who are broke because i used to be a single broke guy. >> go on a picnic! >> that's right. let's meet for a cup of coffee. >> this is a woman who's saying that she wants to make the offer. i'm saying if you want to make the offer, make the move. don't beat him over the head. if he wants to pay for you, let him pay. >> don't make him feel bad about his economic situation. >> the guy that lets you pay for something on the first couple dates. no man should be asking you out if he does not have any money in his pocket! that is it! >> maybe he was asking you out to go buy some groceries to go home and cook but then you all thought were you going to a restaurant. >> then he needs to buy the groceries. >> i'm just presenting you some of the scenarios --
2:36 am
>> all right. sara haines across the street? >> becky from ohio. >> is it okay for a married man to go to lunch with female co-workers? >> yes. >> only if it's lunch. >> does he work at a strip club? if lunch is -- >> i think if you're secure in your relationship, then he can do whatever he wants. >> would you guys want your wife having lunch with a colleague? >> only if i'm there. >> if he's paying. go to lunch with him, baby. better yet, get a whole bunch of take-home items. you know what i like. >> bring me home a doggie bag. >> so it wouldn't bother you. >> it wouldn't bother me if it's lunch. >> would it bother jay? >> no, i don't think it would. >> it bothers frank gifford and it has for 26 years. it ain't going to change. >> hopefully you do have a woman that guys find attractive. but your significant other should know the parameters of
2:37 am
your relationship and she should respect that. >> what if it's not a co-worker though? >> some dude off the street just taking my wife to lunch? >> no. someone you don't know. >> that's what the nypd is for. >> i was keeping it within the realm of someone she knows. if it's someone she knows, then it's fine for her to go to lunch with them. >> what if it's brad pitt? >> next up we've got alicia from washington. >> hi. what is something simple your wife or girlfriend can do that makes you really happy? >> great question to end with. >> how simple is it to get naked? i think it's very, very simple. you do it every day. you put clothes on, you take them off. >> okay. honestly naked is a very -- that's the number one. >> it costs no money. >> any time you show that you appreciate your guy, that you think he's -- no matter what he does, if you make him feel like he's the best at that -- >> it's called worship. >> say baby, you are the greatest.
2:38 am
>> we have rick's beautiful mom here. >> in the dark. we can't even see her. >> was he a good boy? just say yes or no. yell. >> yes. >> i grew into a good man. >> she said was he a good boy, not is he a good man. she had to think. >> challenging. >> we love you guys. good to have you with us. up next, sara uncovers a racket when she goes underground at night in the big city. right after this. c'mon dad!
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time now for "sara in the city."
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where sara bravely explores every nook and cranny in the big apple. >> she just snorted! this time around she took a trip to a dark club that specializes in some serious paddle play. >> spin new york combines the underground chic with the nightclub and the feel good sport of ping-pong. with 17 tables, a deejay and fully stocked bar, spin new york has put its spin on the city's night life for the past three years. what is spin? >> it is a ping-pong social club which is an invented concept. i like to imagine maybe we'll evolve into a modern country club for urban people. it was a different sensibility than a country club. it was more inclusive and frivolous and yet fun. >> jonathan teamed one three partners, including actress susan sarandon to bring table tennis to manhattan's hip night life. >> the dorkiness of it, which is undeniable, actually works for it. >> it is more interactive than bowling it for sure and it is
2:44 am
just a little more exciting than billiards. it's just better than the two like leading social drinking kind of games. >> i'm about to get a lesson from dora who used to play on the hungarian national team for many years and she is one of the top female ping-pong players in the u.s. >> her thumb has to be here and your index finger has to be here and it has to be in the middle. so this is the right way to hold the paddle. >> that's what's wrong with my game thus far. i was not holding it this way. >> you just go forward. you always have to be loose. it is not about muscle. one game lasts 11 points and you alternate serves after every two points. if it's 10-10, you have to win by two. >> i know how to hold it. i'm working my way through scoring. i'm ready. >> you're really good. >> for those of house can't keep the ball on the table, no worries. these buckets are bottomless. the club goes through nearly 10,000 balls a month and someone has to pick them up.
2:45 am
i'm here with irwin and he's going to teach me how to be a ball girl or boy, or busser, as they say. >> there are more over there. >> the only thing you have to do is put the net over the ball and push a little bit. >> you should have showed me that before. i'm sweating, irwin! i know why you know this. because balls are our business. spin really gets busy on friday nights hosting a dirty dozen tournament of the best players. ryan willard, the tournament emcee, says the $500 prize keeps things colorful. >> within spin we've just been lucky enough that we found this really interesting cast of characters that kind of inhabit the dirty dozen and people come just to see those particular players. >> i'm not good enough to actually play so they're putting
2:46 am
me to work as an emcee. >> he is the most notorious player that's ever played the game. he's going to stand right next to you and help you the entire time. this is sara. sara? the infamous wally green. >> nice hair. can we do a spin? in order to play in this tournament you have to get through the maze all the way up to here. my girl dora took center stage for an epic match. after dora's victory, we got our groove on, because spin keeps the party going until 4:00 in the morning. and spin isn't just a new york any phenomenon. there are also locations in milwaukee and toronto. >> wow! >> it really does look like fun and it is affordable. from is totally affordable because you don't pay like a bowler per person. you get the table and you rotate in and out, have a drink, relax -- >> for an hour at a time? >> you pay by the hour. but we went back the next week for hours. >> of course you did.
2:47 am
next, a performance by the eclectic indi rock giant. but first, we're going to show you how to make popsicles and frozen treats for summer. good morning. walking you through the next few days as we approach memorial day weekend. we are tracking a system across the sooeast. we've had rain day after day and low clouds in place that will likely cause more delays at the airports, boston into d.c. and more rain for southern florida, record setting day in miami and expected to continue. next storm moves in into the northern plains as that trough digs through, bringing the chance of severe weather once again to the high plains and the other big story is the heat. heat really building here out of the desert southwest, making its
2:48 am
way into western texas, spreading up into chicago where you'll be at 80 today but much hotter over the weekend. showers persistent around the northwest and this will work its way east and bring the showers and thunderstorms to the upper midwest. by the time we get through thursday, dry across the southern tier, dry and hot. gusty winds, as well. 71 in denver. you can see the delineation further to the south. by the time we get through friday, not a whole lot happening. a few spotty showers here and there in the northern states. one place you'll have to watch out for showers and storms over the weekend across the northern states, keep an eye to the sky, as well. we are expecting thunderstorms, some of which could be severe. on sunday, subject, 92.
2:49 am
97 in louisville. that's a look at your weekend. you can always get the latest forecast on "wake up with al" at 6:00 a.m. on the weather channel. [ female announcer ] you take off running. ♪ you take a message. take a boo-boo and make it better. take a nap? lol. take a breath. you take care of it all. let nutri-grain help take care of you. it's tasty -- made with real fruit, whole grains, fiber... soft and sweet. take a moment. then take on that to-do list with a grin. kellogg's nutri-grain. take care of you™.
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it's time for "today's kich creative cocktails" and something to chill with. if you're planning a big party this memorial day weekend, have we got a side dish for you. >> it is not booze day tuesday for no reason. jean benedict is here with festive cocktail popsicles and frozen treats you can make at home. >> just in time! >> these are adorable. >> daiquiri pops. they're like a sorbet. they're push pops. >> what's in here? >> it is a cup of fruit to a tablespoon of a frozen lime concentrate and teaspoon each of rum and corn syrup.
2:51 am
they're super delicious. these push pump molds are reasonable. they're plastic. i got them that for about $1 a piece. the more you get, the price goes down. >> you can use any fruit you want. >> you really can. i wouldn't use banana, it will brown a little bit. >> these are beautiful. >> too bad i don't have time for the whole thing. >> these are patriotic pops. this is made with a special machine, a zoku quick pop maker. they freeze in about seven minutes. if you have a little alcohol, they're a little more. let me show you. this is the pop maker. you can also buy a kit. you can make little stars like i've done here. the kit comes with like this little star cutter. you put them on the inside of this machine. it sticks to it. then you can use this siphon tool and you do -- it's on a special angle tray. you do a little red. let that freeze.
2:52 am
turn it. >> seems like an awful lot of work. >> it's not! it's really beautiful and what i would -- >> you make them, we'll eat them. >> what i would recommend is that you do a couple of star pieces and then do sides. if you have kids at the party, put these aside and say these are for the adults -- >> which means guaranteed they're going to go for them. >> you have about a minute. >> so these are watermelon vodka and mint snow cone margaritas. >> stop it! >> why are you grinding it? it's already made. >> so you grind it up. the cool thing about this. this is $24.95. this is watermelon vodka, some mint on top.
2:53 am
>> that is delicious. >> get in there. 30 seconds. >> that's easy. >> white russian sliders! >> get out of here. >> black russian espresso cookies. the recipes are on my website. pictures and everything. >> we're so happy right now. >> i want what she's having. >> up next, a performance by the alternative rock band young the giant. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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>> announcer: the "toyota concert series" on "today" -- brought to you by toyota. that does it for us. come back tomorrow when gene mmons and shannon tweed stop by. >> that's working out? we leave you with young the giant. >> here they are singing "apartment." have a great day, everybody. >> we'll see you for wednesday wines day. ♪
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wines day. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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